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Apparently New England isn’t the only place with crazy weather

Last week here in Madrid, in the middle of May, the temperatures soared to the mid-90’s (35 degrees celsius) topping the charts at 98 degrees one day. Now this week it’s down to the 50s in the morning and low 70s during the day — phew! I have to admit, I was a little nervous last week thinking that the August heat blast was already upon us. (In August it’s usually in the mid 90s every day).

I’m used to this sort of crazy up and down weather change back home in New England, but usually not here in Spain. Perhaps this hot weather is why it’s taken me awhile to write a post; the hot weather makes it hard to do anything! I guess like a lot of things here in Spain, the crazy weather is just another example of American traditions that are being adopted here!

More interesting post soon to follow…