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Filomena snow storm – still feeling the effect here in Madrid

First of all, in case anyone is wondering Filomena is a female name. I think this could be the equivalent of something like Harriet in English. Filomena hit hard, but more than hitting hard she just doesn’t want to go away. It’s been over a week now since the big storm hit, and still there are a lot of streets and most sidewalks that are still covered in snow and ice. Let’s be realistic though – Madrid isn’t exactly used to/prepared for this kind of weather; it was 50 years ago the last time there was a snow storm of this magnitude. So, let’s just enjoy it! Before we know it it will be a distant memory (unlike what Covid is proving to be).

Although I’ve always said that I left Boston to get away from the cold and snow, I’ll admit Filomena was pretty – for the first two days. I’m glad at least that my kids got to see and play in the snow for a few days.

On the practical side, school was cancelled all last week and now the cancellation has been extended until Wednesday. (Please please open on Wednesday – online classes are not working here! Haha)

Here are some Filomena fotos for the file:

One week later. The sidewalk in front of our school

How much snow has fallen in Madrid?

Historic snow storm underway here. Everyone back home is asking me how much snow has fallen- I’m still trying to figure this out. I’ve been googling and asking around, but it’s still not clear. This definitely isn’t Boston where the first news of the day is how many feet or inches of snow has fallen! I’m guessing 1-2 feet, but TBC.

Madrid is completely unprepared for this. All you see on the news is how the roads are blocked, no one can leave the house, etc. Yes, that’s what happens with big snowstorms! The only part that is worrisome is for things like emergencies and the hospitals.

Fortunately this happens here every once in a blue moon, so it’s not surprising that the city isn’t prepared, but I’m sure in about a week’s time everyone will be talking about how beautiful it was and what a great memory – as they’re having cañas and tapas under the bright sun at a terrace 🙂