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Public speaking – in English/Spanish, online, F2F, hybrid

I thought I’d share this post I just put on Linkedin and link to this HBR article that really resonated with my experience:

Great points about overcoming public speaking challenges. Over the past couple of years I’ve had increasing experiences speaking in public, ranging from face-to-face audiences to online audiences to hybrid. Last fall I was asked to co-host a live, two-day youtube TV show for the IESE Global Alumni Reunion that completely took me out of my comfort zone, including constantly being “on”, frequent ad-libbing and the challenge of connecting with a live, online audience of thousands of people. And most recently I was the MC for a large event with BBVA with hundreds of people in person and online – and in Spanish. Apart from the points in this article, especially about preparation and connecting with the audience, I would also add that the time-old saying is true, everything gets better with practice!

For me a key point has been to have a clear starting point to open up (yes, preparation is key!); then it’s key to connect with the audience and adjust the speech/plan as needed.

My condolences for the horrific shooting in Texas

There are no words that can be said for such a terrible event that happened yesterday, and I cannot even begin to imagine what family are going through. 19 – nineteen – my god – children – killed in a completely senseless shooting at an elementary school.

People often ask me if I want to move back to the US. My typical response is that I just don’t see it. Apart from a massive reverse culture shock that would surely occur, I also often respond that I feel like it’s a more social and more fun place to grow up here in Spain. I have two young children, 8 and 5 years old. Granted things aren’t perfect here by any means, but issues like gun control (and at schools) is something that would really frighten me if I were to move back to the US.