Madrid lockdown -Do I have COVID-19?

After hearing the latest news about common symptoms in COVID-19 cases, I’m  thinking it’s quite likely that I have a mild case of the virus or at least a clear case of some key symptoms.
The virus is so prevalent here I’m not surprised. First there were some cases in my office, and they say it can incubate in your system for weeks. Then my son had a high fever for six days (they say in kids it can manifest as normal “sick” kid symptoms or totally asymptomatic). At the beginning of the lockdown I had one night with fever and chills, but then the next day I felt more or less back to normal. Now for about 4 days I’ve had a bad cough, really dry and annoying, to be quite honest. But the strangest thing, and what I didn’t even think about until this morning, was the other symptom – for the last 3 days I’ve had absolutely no sense of smell or taste. When I mean none I mean like today when I made a bag of popcorn for my kids and couldn’t smell it. At all. It seems like this loss of sense and smell is common in 3/4 of the cases, normally at the end of the infection. Check out this  Forbes article today..

How strange. I’m still not sure if what I have is more of a sinus infection/cold or COVID-19, but it’s eye opening nonetheless.
This morning I called the dedicated number that the community of Madrid has set up for COVID. They asked me four questions – after I answered that I don’t have a fever or any shortness of breath it was over. The answer: stay home, as we’re doing, and just monitor things.
So hopefully this will disappear soon. TBC



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