Taking advantage of Spain’s spring/summer nights

I’ve always said that one of the things I love about Spain is the climate. This is coming from someone with memories of watching her fingers turn white from the frigid cold in Boston while waiting for a bus to go home from work…

But more than the warm weather, what’s great is that you can really take advantage of the late afternoon/evening. Spain may have the problem of later working hours, but when it’s light out until 10pm for several months, you can still enjoy doing something outside at night. And let’s be realistic – at least from what I’ve seen from my 10 years working here, no one is expecting to see you sitting in your office at 9am…and 9:30 could still be a stretch.

So, while we’re still enjoying the spring weather before the real heat begins, I’m taking advantage of long bike rides with the little one in tow before dinnertime. Dinnertime being around 8:30/9pm and the little one’s bedtime around 10/10:30pm. Yes, I know my American or British friends may be horrified to read this as their kids will probably already have been asleep for 3 hours, but… this is what happens in my Spanishized world. Welcome Summer!

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