Trendsetting? Baby running strollers make their appearance in The Corte Inglés

Just the other day I was commenting on how I felt running outside pushing my baby stroller (see: Last post about gyms). To refresh your memory, I was questioning whether I had forgotten my pants at home because of the crazy looks I was getting.

Well, it seems like I’m not so crazy after all. Look what I was greeted with at the Corte Ingles, the largest department store here in Spain, when I got off the elevator in the children’s department:

Bugaboo running strollerBugaboo Running strollerBugaboo running stroller

It seems that Bugaboo, one of the posh, popular stroller brands here, has just launched its “Athletic Extension” stroller. In theory this is great, and I’m looking forward to seeing more people out in my neighborhood exercising with their strollers. I guess it is true what a lot of people tell me, that sooner or later most things from the US make it over here to Spain.

Good luck with the marketing Bugaboo! And make it clear that this kind of stroller, despite the brand, doesn’t mesh with heels…

7 thoughts on “Trendsetting? Baby running strollers make their appearance in The Corte Inglés

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    1. Anonymous

      Thanks for your comment Kris! When you say baby stroller service what exactly are you referring to – customer service? Product quality?


  2. Anonymous

    I also get the occasional odd stare but mostly people smile because my son loves it! I remember feeling the same way when I first came to Madrid 10 years ago and went running. People yelled, “Run, Forest, Run!” and things like that. When I did see other women running they wore sweaters and casual street shoes. Now there are tons of women running and they are much better equipped than I am! Jogging strollers are just a matter of time.



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